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    I've heard people talking about rumors that Palm is planning to release a final Major Firmware Release for the Treo 650's. I don't know if that's true but I would really hope they would release one that would enable it to support Bluetooth 1.2. I remember reading that the Treo 650 is Techincally capable of Bluetooth 1.2. If I can get that...I'll be a happy camper!
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    What part of the 1.2 are you looking for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wareynolds
    What part of the 1.2 are you looking for?
    Just in the Audio Communication between a Bluetooh Headset and back. I really don't care much about file transfers and other things.
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    not gonna get bt 1.2 but the Softick Audio Gateway program does A2DP for the 650...

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