13 QuickTime required. Free Internet download available.
If you look at the details for the streaming audio and video, it footnotes that this will require QuickTime. Doing a google search, it comes up as Kinoma Player 3 EX. Does anyone know for certain if Kinoma will be the quicktime player for the 700p? Will Kinoma Player 3 EX be a free download for 700P owners? Or will it be a free download for all Treos? Why does Kinoma have pricing for 3 EX player on their website?

Here is the a link to the announcement for support via Kinoma.

I'm excited about this feature because now I would be able to use TiVo -> Orb (windows only) -> 700p for streaming TV shows. Also, does anyone know if the Kinoma player will support H.264 format? I'm currently using a Mac Mini has an HTPC, so I've storing DVDs in H.264 format. Being able to copy these to an SD card and play them back on my Treo would be great. I'd hate to have to convert DVDs twice. Once for H.264 format and a second time for MPEG4 video.