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    I have an idea for an app that may or may not be possible. I really like LudasW being able to ignore someone with a text message. my only problem is that they still go to voicemail first. My idea/question is to be able to pick from different prerecorded voicemail messages when ignoring someone in the same manner that LudasW sends a text message. can someone make this happen for me or at least point me in the right direction?
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    My guess is, this may not be possible as the outgoing message is not
    stored on the phone. Unless, one implements a full-fledged answering
    machine on the phone.
    Game over!
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    I guess what I'm talking about would have to have have some carrier support. meaning that, their voicemail system would have to be able to receive different inputs to play different prerecorded voicemail messages.

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