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    I've got a treo 650, and Im trying soo hard to love this phone but it seems to be fighting me every step of way.

    My latest discovery, lots and lots of missed phone calls. Tonight I got home from work and I had 7 new VMs starting @ 8am. I was making calls and even a received a couple of calls without even getting a notifcation that I had all these missed calls.

    I actually have 2 phones on the same network, I can dial my treo from one and it doesn't even ring... right to VM. But I can call my other phone with no issues.

    Any help appreciated?
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    Check to see if your phone is forwarded to voicemail.
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    Do you have any software programs running in the background with data connection (email, IM...?) These coudl be a problem.
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    Do you have versmail set to check every x minutes? Calls received while checking email go right to voicemail.
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    if it's a cdma 650 (ie verizon, sprint, earthlink), most of the missed calls might be explained due to data usage... however if it's gsm (ie cingular), i would exchange the phone

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