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    Will that bluetooth USB device allow me to send MP3, .WAV, .JPG, .etc files from the PC to my Treo without any hitches?

    I'd like to be able to send programs as well, do I need to have the treo startup CD(that comes with the treo 650) in order to put programs onto my treo?

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    Features: DUN, HotSync, Contact transfer. You can purchase Palm software that will enable other features, such as: file-transfer (your Treo behaves like a HD), remote control software, etc.

    This adaptor should work for you. It doesn't say whether it is a class 1 or class 2 BT device, though, so I would assume class 2.

    Class 2 = 10-30ft.
    Class 1 = 100-300ft.

    I originally bought a Class 2 BT dongle and was disappointed with the connection. You had to have your Treo pretty close to the laptop for a good, solid connection. I decided to spend the extra dough for a Class 1 BT dongle (got it from CompUSA for about $35). Now, I can literally have my T650 anywhere in the house and hotsync or use the BT DUN feature on my laptop. Cool!

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