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    Hi, I have a Visor Deluxe, and just got this amazing Afterburner II. Just wondering how far can this overclocking business go? Deluxe runs on 16MHz Motorola Dragonball EZ chip, can it really go up to 28MHz as allowed by Afterburner II without frying the chip? Need to consults any daredevils out there who had tried it before, and thanks for you time guys! Appreciate it...
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    I used to run my Visor Deluxe at 26MHz without any problems. I found it totally stable at that speed. Others used to run it higher without problems but I used to run a lot of hacks.

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    go get afterburner 3.0, you can up your processor speed to 32 mhz, and it wont fry the chip, i was a bit freaked out too at first, but it works. But i should warn you that it will KILL your batteries, itll easily cut battery life in half if you do that
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    I run at 26mhz all day. Used to run at 28mhz, but I've been axperiencing some memory-lock error lately that occurs more with 28mhz. I think it is due to another hack or program, and emailed Daniel (Programmer of AfterBurner) about it, so hopefully we can find a solution. When I first got AB, I ran at 28 all the time with no problems - it's only some recent addition that is causing it. No big deal, just a soft reset once a week or so.
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    how far can this thing push a platinum? hehe
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    BTW - I put Afterburner as my 1st Hack (Deselect, then re-select) and I haven't had any further problems. Gonna keep it at 26mhz though in a small effort to reduce battery consumption.
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    My Prism is running at 42MHz with ClockUp DA. You also need DA Launcher and HackMaster(or equivalent) to use it.
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