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    I am getting calls from customers we have updated to GoodLink 4.8 saying the screen time out does not match the settings they have on their CDMA Treo's Pref settings. Has anyone else seen this happen? Unfortunately I do not have access to the devices in question and this is not happening on my GSM Treo.

    Thanks in advance...
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    I have a Sprint 650 and do not have that issue. Anyone else?
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    I have seen this mainly on the Cingular Treo 650 but I believe it occurs on other Treos too. Basically Good has modified the timeout to save battery by shutting off backlight after ~20 seconds. I reported this to our TAM and under consideration for update
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    Thanks eVader. Here's another 4.8 question for your Cingular 650 folks: Has the amount of data synched in new messages changed for you? I have a Cingular 650 here that was goodmafied to 4.8 and now he gets the "more" option for almost all messages. We looked at a message on his Cingular 650 and compared it to my unlocked GSM 650 (also on 4.8) and my Treo showed the entire message while his was truncated.

    Have you seen this since the move to 4.8? I don't see any policy options that would have caused this (and I made no policy changes...)
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    CT - I have seen the (More) you mention but normally in aged messages or in sub Inbox folders, Sent Items but rarely on the top 100 messsages. Does More appear in all messages or just older ones or those in other folders?
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    It is happening in almost all messages in the inbox (in the 100 most recent messages).

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