Just in case you missed the announcement...

Opera released Opera Mini 2.0 last week. Once you install Java, the Treo 650 is able to run two versions: the "Basic" Version (referred to as "Basic (MIDP 1)"), and the "Advanced" version (referred to as "Advanced (MIDP 2)")

The Advanced version is what Opera wants to send your Treo 650, but take it from me and everyone else who tries it: it crashes and resets the phone all the time. Heck, it is even listed as a "slight problem" on the Opera website! Please!

So, on a loof, installed the "Basic" version, wondering what would happen.

Well, let me say that the Basic version is amazing! It still renders things in Full Screen on the Treo. It can still download and display large graphics in "high quality" mode. It is much MUCH faster than Blazer, and can go to sites that totally flummox Blazer. I did an extended surfing session at Ebay, Wikipedia, vegas.com (to book a hotel room), my own site, and CNN yesterday, and didn't get a single crash. The basic version also doesn't waste screen space with extra menu bars on the top and bottom of the screen, and it has the best scrolling and link selection method around, allowing for true, one-handed operation.

And it is free.

Yes, it requires Java (which can take up 3 megs of RAM), but if you already have Java installed, the Opera Mini Basic app is less than 200k. Yes, it can't accept URLs passed to it from other apps, and doesn't cache past pages in memory, but its history list is easy to use, and the connection fast enough that it isn't the worst thing in the world. The opera people say the Basic version will chop up large web pages, bit I never saw that - I have the Java Memory Max set for 4 Mb for Opera, and the Java Thread Stack Size set to 16kb for Opera; perhaps that's enough memory for the Basic version to do its thing.

In short, I feel the Basic Opera Mini version is a really good Blazer alternative, and you should give it a whirl.

Just a thought...