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    Hi everyone,
    I am new to the forums, and so far, so good!
    I have a newer 650, and accidently dropped it the other night (I blame the beers). I scuffed my antenna (that was the only damage thank goodness), and am trying to find a new replacement antenna. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I can order a new antenna? I've found ONE place on the net, and it said the antenna MAY be blue/grey, or grey. I think Cingulars 650 should be in grey to match the OEM that came with the phone.
    Any help, ideas, or link to a site that sells these antennas, would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance.
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    My sprint antenna is gray. I got a replacement here.
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    Cool, thanks 4 the link. $65, damn. Maybe mine isn't THAT scuffed. lol
    I found one at for $49.95+ tax, shipping, etc.

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