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    I have an unlocked AT&T T650. I am running Firmware v01.71 and Software Treo650-1.20-ENA and a custom ROM. Does anyone know where I can get the standard ROM? The one I have installed is having issues, like multiple audible "clicks" when going in and out of the phone app, inability to edit contacts on the device, dropped calls, no flashing LED when connected (yes, I like it), and more. I have tried to use all three versions of Cingular's updater but it says that it's not compatible with my phone so I think my only choice is to remove stuff I don't need to get it into the 7.1 partition and then upload it using the new ROM Tool.
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    You can use the tokenwriter part of the new ROM Tool to change your Software token back to a Cingular one (i.e. Treo650-1.17-CNG). Cingular's updater should then work.
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    Ahhhhh ok. So that's just what I type? "Treo650-1.17-CNG)"? Also, which one should I use for an AT&T phone, A B or G?

    What's really wierd about this phone is that when I got it, it would only use an AT&T SIM. However, there's no carrier logo on the phone.
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    you change the ENA to CNG and the 1.20 to 1.17..............(using the ROM tool.....if u dont have it go to

    then run your cingular update............

    however, i also have cingular but use an unlocked 650..............

    I like the 1.20 ENA ROM better than the CNG 1.17 ROM...........better sound and no lag when using dial pad when in call (like accessing v-mail while typing in passcode and things like that..........)

    In my opinion, i would just download the unlocked gsm ROM update and use that rather than the cingular one.......
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    For former AT&T, you should use CNB. The phones issued by AT&T, although they had no logo, are locked to AT&T SIM cards. You can't even use a regular Cingular SIM card. There are several threads on unlocking those phones. Basically it involves calling Cingular and having a lot of persistence and patience.
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    Nah. I paid $17.99 on Ebay for a package from a Canadian company and unlocked it myself. I am currently using a Cingular SIM in my (formerly) AT&T phone.

    By the way, I went ahead and used the Cingular update. It's only a 7.1MB ROM partition so I'm happy with that. 900KB of wasted ROM partition space, though. Does the system do anything with that unused space or does it just sit there?

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