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    Has anyone discovered a contacts workaround like on the 650 that works on the Treo 700w? I've just been given a 700w from my company, and I'm trying to get used to the changes.

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you are talking about how Good takes over your contacts, what I discovered on a Treo700w I was testing last week is that you can ActiveSync your contacts over to the local contact db on the device. Then such things as picture caller ID work somewhat. On the Palm at least you can actually edit the local contacts - on the 700w I never figured out how to get into the local contacts, all the pointers are to Good contacts.

    However, I don't think voicedialing with Good on the Treo700w is going to work.
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    Yeah, I realized that will work, but i'm looking from something like the workaround for the treo 650. The exchange contacts are still available, but not everywhere on the phone. I want my personal contacts to be totally available for the phone portion. I only need the Goodlink contacts when i'm using Goodlink to send emails.

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