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    Hi everbody !

    I am using a Treo600 with Vinaphone network in Vietnam now. The mobile network supports GPRS service so I would like to use one chat software such as Verichat to sign in Y!M on my Treo600.

    Because my network requires that my terminal must connect to the internet over a proxy server. My Blaze Web Browse just works fine but Verichat encounters a big problem because it does not support proxy connection.

    So, is there anyone who has some idea about this problem for me ? Is there any chat client software for Palm that supports proxy connection ?

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    2.86b supports proxy.
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    Ok thanks very much. I will try doing this version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    2.86b supports proxy.
    I have tried this but I found nothing about the proxy-supported selection in the Verichat's menu, so please give me more details !
    All that I want to know is whether Verichat options have one selection including PROXY ADDRESS and PORT !!! With those (if having) I will be able to connect to Y!M proxy server ! Thanks so much !
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    Someone help solve that !!!!!!

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