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    Just got a network camera from panasonic model # WV-NM100 that works with an IP address and links through my ethernet. An offsite laptop can see the images fine and I'm hoping to view the images from my Cingular Treo 650 with edge while on the road. The Treo finds the IP address but does not see any images. During the Panasonic setup, I could select either jpeg or mpeg4 - currently setup for jpeg

    Is there a specific software i need to get this up and running. Any help would be grealy appreciated

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    I've used this software package with my Webcam:
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    Thanks for the tip!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by aldamon
    I've used this software package with my Webcam:
    Do you know if this will work with wireless IP Network Cams, or just webcams attached directly to a PC?
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    I'm wondering if it even works with the Treo 650... says its for 'wireless Palm devices'. I take that to mean wifi.

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