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    ^Just pointing out reality based on extensive analysis. If this reverse were true, I'd point that out. Has nothing to do with cheerleading, just valid information. Actually if Cingular manages to get HSDPA out broader than Sprint EVDO, I'd point that out and would probably switch myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite
    You are talking about trade rags reported back in Nov. Sprint has been adding EVDO at a rate of 13M coverage per week according to RCR Wireless News.
    No, I am talking about the "live" reports from CES the week of January 6th.

    To my knowledge, RCR Wirelss news is simply reporting carrier press there evidence of them sending techs in the field to do actual "full area testing".

    I don't much care who has more coverage Sprint or Verizon. My point is you can easily find places where BOTH "claim" coverage that is not there. I am 2 for 2 in the locations I have checked. My point is that when carriers "claimed" coverage in an area, they would not let journalists test in all of the areas of claimed coverage. What difference does it make if they claiming 120, 150, 180, 220 if they are telling independent testers that they can only test in 60/80/100 .... If they would only let carriers test in 30% of their claimed 150 areas in November....if they now claim 220 areas of coverage, all I can conclude is that they will now let people test in 30% of 220.

    Where is the "show me" zeal that we see here on TC for "pictures" and "proof" of someone's as yet unrealeased Treo being "in hand" ?

    Trade Rags are always reporting that they tested this or that in an area of "claimed coverage" and received spotty results....some areas they get broadband some they get phone signals but no broadband. Upon questioning the carrier, they have gotten the explanation that they have "coverage" not "full coverage"...."not all towers have completed the upgrade". To my mind, upgrading 3 out of 52 towers in area area does not make that area a "coverage area"....upgrading 52 out of 52 towers in an area to me means "coverage".

    And again, I have asked this question 3 or 4 times and not seen an answer. I read here on TC that Sprint announced a "roaming" agreement for data . If you can data roam, would you care whether Sprint has more towers than Verizon ?
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