of course that is when the GSM one comes out.

Seeing the 700p specs, I don't see any compelling reason for me, a 600 owner, to buy 700p when 650 has about the same specs, and I could have a new 650 for much cheaper (price is important to me), and even cheaper, now that 700p is coming out (stock-clearing). But if somebody who wants to sell his/her 650 at an even lower price to me, that's even better :-)

It used to be that I wanted so much that the camera to be of higher resolution, so that I have an all-in-one gadget. I waited and waited for treo with a higher resolution, and missed so many precious moments to be captured on camera, all because I used my 0.3 mega pixels camera. But recently, I went to Japan, and I HAD to have a good camera to capture the good moments. So, I gave in and bought a digital camera, a casio exilim s500. I still hated the idea of bringing two gadgets at the same time; and all the extra cables didn't help, esp when you have to travel from one place to another, when you CAN have one to do both functions. But I felt good that I finally bought it, and am so happy with the many good pics that I took. Yes, I DO think 1.3 MP is good enough, and if 700p had come out earlier, I would have bought it, even just for the camera. But what's done is done..

So, now, the only reason i want to upgrade from my 600 is the screen resolution. I SOOO long for a better screen resolution. But after giving it a thought, 650 has the same resolution as 700p!!

I don't really care for the bigger dbcache, more memory (I am doing just alright with my 600's 32Mb), 3G (IF it is available in the GSM version, because my area still sucks in 3G signal strength)

I think I wanna keep my life simple from now on. I still am looking out for Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830, the ultimate in smartphone, though.

I think I'm contradicting myself here. One moment, I want a simple smartphone, the next, I want the ultimate one. 700p has really done my head in.

Anyway, anybody wants to sell his/her 650 GSM to me, a fellow treo user ? PM me with your best offer.