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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasmeister
    Thanks Perry...

    One more question: If I read your reply correctly, if I rename my old Palm directory, install the 700 s/w into a new Palm directory and hotsync, I will be given the choice to use my old hotsync ID? I kinda figured I'd have to create a new ID since the old one was associated with the old directory.
    If you rename your backup directory to "old" or whatever, you are removing all the 3rd party software backed up under that userid from "being seen" by the HotSync process for that userid. So you can then select your current userid -- and all that will be brought forward to your new device -- is the PIM data associated with that userid -- and none of the the 3rd party software -- as it has now been "hidden" from view by that renaming of the backup folder.

    Cheers, Perry.

    (If you want a totally new userid -- go ahead -- then you do not have to rename the backup folder under the old userid -- just beam your PIM data to the new device -- or copy your PIM data bases over as Jack has outlined in his methodology.)
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    best way ------ do clean install - why take the chance for issues. Peace
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasmeister
    What would be the problem with installing the new Palm s/w to a fresh directory and then beaming the contacts, memo, calendar, etc (PIM data) from the old Treo to the new one rather than copying the old files from the old Palm directory?

    Anyone try this when upgrading to a new device?
    It would take forever to beam 1500 contacts. I updated the procedure I use here: Post # 11

    Old one (600-650) was here
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    It might have already been asked, but as long as we're talking about User ID's,
    Is Not some of s/w registered to a particular User ID?
    Shouldn't we Keep our same User ID?
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle
    It might have already been asked, but as long as we're talking about User ID's,
    Is Not some of s/w registered to a particular User ID?
    Shouldn't we Keep our same User ID?

    Yes, otherwise you will have to contact the software supplier and get your registration code updated for any software so registered.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzo
    I am confident that CallFilter will not work.
    I have been playing with my 700p today, and have CallFilter working (and working with Profiler as well).

    Only did simple filtering, but it worked fine..
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    Anyone else having immediate-reset problem when setting any hard button key in QLaunch on Treo 700p (worked fine in 650)? The multi-wait keylaunch operation it self is fine, but when trying to redefine or clear it in QLaunch, Treo resets. After a bunch of times, setting it worked fine for a while, but now resetting consistently again.
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    Last week I turned on my 1 yr old 650 and the firmware was corrupted. Assurion the insurance company for their normal $50 fee sent me a new 700 since they did not have any 650's. Included cig adapt and wall adapter (but all my 650 access work, OEM cradle etc).
    But I figured the 700 was so similar to the 650 and just restored all from my 1 GB SM card. Next few days I was getting a few freeze ups and resets. Today bottom 3/4 of screen went gray. Verizon and Palm support said something is wrong with the phone and Assurion is sending me another one.

    After this experience, I would agree with Perry and will not copy files and will do a clean install with the latest downloads from the vendors when the new phone arrives tomorrow. I'm going to slowly add apps only as they become 700P usable or upgraded to 700p approved.

    One app note: so far I've found "Backup man" to be incompatible with the 700p as it forces you to have to shut off blue tooth or the auto sched. backup fails each time, still works manually after shutting off bluetooth An email to support came back as I need to upgrade to the latest version for it to work with the 700p for a fee!

    It is a good suggestion to wait for third party apps to upgrade their software
    to the 700p because it is a faster processor and might cause issues down the road. TomTom Nav 5 which I really rely on for business does not claim to be compatible yet (this is of course due to their Nav 6 version now out which "is" compatible with the 700). Nav 5 works but who knows, it could be one of the reasons for the my new 700 to become firmware corrupted. I hate to do it, but I think I'll run it off a separate SD card to be safe until TomTom has an upgrade or claims compatibility with the 700. The Nav 6 comes with a free 1 GB SD crd because they had so many issues when it's run on the same card with other programs from what I've read.

    P.S. 700p form factor about the same as the 650 but it's processor seems a little faster, better Cam and Pocket Tunes is sweet too, but my fav feature is the inclusion of the new voice memo recorder like my first smart phone had (forgot the name of it already), thank God, because it's so much safer while driving to record a note to self or a todo rather than taking eyes off road to fiddle with text or button entry. Funny, just last week I put my old Olympus tiny voice recorder back in my car to use along with the 650 while driving and now I can take it back out before it's swiped by some parking attendant (thx Palm).
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