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    Quote Originally Posted by meps
    Why can't the "New" Treo's be GSM 700w & 700p with appropriate lags and exclusivity etc.....
    For the reasons stated in the quoted post.

    1. Cingular, US of A's largest carrier, saying "we ain't doing 700 anything".

    2. Why would Cingular want to "rollout" a new product with 6 months max left in the product lifecycle ?

    3. Palm has already rolled out a 700p and a 700w using up 2 of the 4 Treo models they said they were gonna release this year. If the GSM is a 700p / 700w we still have 2 more Treos to see before santa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstrauss
    Now I wonder who that could be... I can hear him now:

    "I've got to be me, just gotta be me..."
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