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    Hi all

    I have a problem with my Treo 650. I use the speakerphone mode while I am in the car. I find that when I am calling and use the speakerphone mode the microphone doesn't work - I can hear the callee but she can't hear me nomatter how loud I shout When I am receiving a call all works fine - I can hear the caller and she can hear me well.

    I suspect this could be a software bug? My Treo is a 650 Orange UK one - in the Phone Info app I see 1.71 firmware and Treo650-1.20-OUK software version. Has anyone had the same problem, and do you know of any potential solutions?
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    Do you use the audio jack to listen via headphones etc?

    Probably damage to the jack. The Treo thinks that something is still plugged into the jack. There is a member here (nonobeez) who can repair this if the unit is out of warranty.
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    When using my T650 with the speakerphone, my wife complains that she can't hear me, even if I shout close to the mic. It seems that the mic sensitivity is much reduced when speakerphone is on.
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    No, I don't use the headphones. I read the bit about the headphones around here, but I don't think that's the problem. I also read about volumecare, and I'll try that - it may be something with the microphone cutting off due to excesive noise in the car - but I doubt it.

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