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    I just inherited my husband's Treo 650 after our Treo 270 finally died out on me.

    I want to be able to synchronize emails in Microsoft Outlook to the Treo via HotSync. Is this possible?

    I have a pre-paid calling card that does not include data/GPRS access since that would be hideously expensive and I'm home with a laptop most of the day.

    Rather, I would like to be able to compose emails on the Treo if I'm in the park or someplace similar and I'm not trucking the laptop with me.

    Is this possible?
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    Question #1- it is possible, but those emails take up a LOT of space. When you install DocsToGo there is an option to install InboxToGo which allows you to do this. This is with the Premium edition only.

    Question #2- it is possible with Versamail. You can setup Versamail to work only through hotsync, so you can create your emails and they will be sent only when you hotsync, and they will be sent through your PCs internet connection, not your Treo.
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    #1 - I don't have the premium edition of DocsToGo

    #2 - I have VersaMail version 3.0C. I found documentation for version 2.5 which described setting up VersaMail for HotSync. That same feature does not appear in the documentation for version 3.0

    NM, I had to install the Treo 650 software direct from the CD in order to do what I want with the email sync.

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