Hey fellas,

Been lurking these forums for awhile now and I'd like to thank everyone that has contributed information to help make our Treo's that much more functional to use.

I've been trying to find a launcher for my 650 that takes advantage of event notifcations.... In a nutshell, Im trying to find a homescreen that informs me of
-Missed calls/VM
-Calendar Events
-Open tasks
-Email notifcation
-text messenge Notifcation
-and if possible... any sort of IM notifcation from MSN/AIM. (still yet undetermined chat system)

I;ve tried launcher 3, which offers calender/tasks/and versamail events... but then I don't even see that I have missed phonecalls let alone other events. Basically Im looking for a homepage that I can glance out quickly in a meeting rather then digging through the phone to see what I missed.

Im sure Im not the only person out there that is looking for something for this, please let me know if such a monster exists!

Thanks in advance!