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    I've been playing around with the demo as I'm considering purchasing ChatterEmail+ due to it's extensive support for email services as well features but a little confused about the settings. There is no information regarding GMail account setup on the ChatterEmail website and on the GMail site help all that's really mentioned is port forwarding mail. Is there a way to get Chatter to fetch the mail directly from the GMail Google mail server in real-time instead of forwarding on POP3? For those using Chatter with GMail what are the recommended settings?

    In Canada we don't have unlimited data plans so getting an outrageous data bill is a concern if Chatter is fetching 24/7. Though I'm still interested in real-time Push-Email similar to MyMail or Blackberry Connect Oh and while MyMail is a good email program it doesn't support a lot of what Chatter does. MyMail is also a little pro Windows to say the least which is disheartening. As well it's nice to see ChatterEmail listed in the drop down email applications menu for third party applications such as VeriChat. Unlike MyMail which is almost like a ghost program that isn't visible except for it's shortcut icon in the main menu.
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    I take it you've seen the "Gmail forwarded to Fastmail" set-up that a lot of us use. The only thing better would be for Gmail itself to go IMAP.

    Others may have better solutions but I like that one. It works and it is free.
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    When you create a new account in Chatter, one of the options should be a Gmail account. I've never tried the wizard, but does it not work? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    When you create a new account in Chatter, one of the options should be a Gmail account. I've never tried the wizard, but does it not work?
    I resolved the connection issue. After looking through the GMail help section which listed Snapper I figured out that I needed to enable POP in "Settings/Forwarding & POP/POP Download". Curious though as there's three options provided in the GMail drop down menu: "Keep Gmail's copy in the inbox", "Archive Gmail's copy" and "Delete GMail's copy". Now in Chatter when viewing mail in the inbox I have the option "Delete on Treo only". All mail is downloaded to my 2GB SD card so storage isn't an issue. I'll play around with the settings more but what I'm looking to do is to be able to read the mail but have the option of keeping it on the mail server unless I select to delete it on the device. Don't know if that is possible as it would be real-time access with the mail server.
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    I have tried using Chatter as a POP client to suck email off Gmail. I have also set Gmail to forward all inbox messages to my free account and then retrieved the messages via the ever-popular IMAP protocol.

    My experience with the Gmail POP setup was that it was unreliable. Sometimes it would work fast. Sometimes slow. Sometimes hang and hang and hang, you know. (Sorry, Dr. Seuss).

    On the other hand has always served me well and is fast. And it is the holy grail of Push.

    IMAP rules. POP drools.

    I just wish Outlook was friendlier to IMAP. I guess if it was we wouldn't need all those expensive Exchange Servers now, would we?

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