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    im planning to buy a Sandisk RS-MMC card...(half the size of standard SD card) has anybody tried to use this type of expansion card on treo?will it work?
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    If it's in an adaptor to fit a normal SD card slot, I don't see why it wouldn't.
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    I've used the following RS-MMC cards on Treo 650 with some luck:
    - Sandisk dual voltage version 256mb
    - Nokia standard 64mb card from 7610 phone

    Both worked, however both were very slow and thus could not support MP3 files or saving of videos directly to the card. The Sandisk was unreliable and prone to corruption.

    I would avoid RS-MMC cards. I ended up buying a 4gb Adata card.

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    ow, if u use a dual-voltage that will cause a big problem! that kind of SD card(dual-voltage) will not work..

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