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    now, for some reason when i type in my email and password for myspace, there's no "log in" button.. i've tried to disable and enable java scrypt as well as trying both optimized and widescreen viewing..

    also, when i try and log into another forum of mine, it says "cannon log in until java scrypt is complete".. yet the page is informed me it's done loading.


    thank you.
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    Easy solution!

    Call MySpace technical support and kindly let them know you do not want to continue to buy into their fad and wish to close your account.

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    lol Joker, I already cancelled my personal account months ago.. this is an account being used for advertising purposes.
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    Just use your 5 way nav on your Treo to highlight the button. After you put in your password, use your 5 way & hit the right arrow, after you highlight forgot password, hit it again & you highlight a black button (no name) now hit the center button & your works for me.
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    yeah reverend, that's what I've noticed. it's just an invisible button.


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