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    I just received a Motorola HS850 and have noticed that I have to press the multifunction button on the headset to 'connect' it for an outgoing call which I haven't had to do with any other headset I've tried (Treo, Plantronics, etc.).

    Why is this? Is something wrong with the headset or is there a setting that I've missed somewhere?


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    I remember I was having this exact problem with the 850 (I've since gone to another headset). When I first setup the 850 headset, it was working as normal...make a call on the Treo, and the headset would pick up and work. For a few months it worked, then all of a sudden, I had to hit the button on the headset to "connect" as you say. I was getting tired of the headset anyway, as the outgoing volume (people were telling em that they couldn't hear me at times) wasn't up to standard.

    I would get your headset shouldn't have to hit the button to get it to connect.

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