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    I purchased my treo 600 about 2 years ago, and got a "performance service plan" from best buy.

    I noticed my battery isnt holding as good a charge as before, and battery replacements fall within the best buy warranty.

    My questions is this: Since the battery is internal and not easily replaced, is there a way I can get them to give me a 650? (considering that best buy usually mails replacement batterys to the home, and replacing a 600 battery would be too technical for most users).

    I paid a good amount of money for this warranty (around $70ish dollars i believe), so i really want to make use of it (getting a 650 would be great) before it runs out!

    Thanks for any help
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    I suggest you take it up with Best Buy. The only problem may be that they will give you a replacement comparable (in their opinion) to a Treo.
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    It's possible that they'll send out your Treo to get a replacement battery.

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    you will get a 650 almost 90% sure.
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    Based on past experience, I would bet that you will receive a 650. I purchased a Nokia 3185i in 1999 and then received a Sanyo 4500 after 1.5 years because of phone failures (they just swapped it with whatever model I wanted. I think I paid $20 because the Sanyo was $20 more than I originally paid for the Nokia). After about 1.5-2 years, I replaced that with an LG 5250? for some failure I can't remember. Again, no need to send out for repair, they just replaced it.

    I highly recommend you take it in and ask!

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