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    I hope I'm not out of line, but I want to purchase a Treo 650 and my service is with T-Mobile. I am very happy with them and do not want to switch to Cingular. I have seen great opportunities to purchase the phone at a very reasonable price, but they are almost always Cingular and I need to unlock it for use with T-Mobile. Any suggestions for getting the unlock code or unlocking it another way?

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    Either buy an unlock code from some online outfit or have a friend with a Cingular account try to get the unlock code for you. There are no other options.
  3. #3 is the way to go.
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    or us

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    I believe TreoCentral member mmastrac is unlocking phones now, and he does a lot to support this community.
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    If I recall correctly, doesn't Tmobile unlock phones free for users after first three month post activation?
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    I am on T-Mobile too. I simply bought the unlocked T650 to save myself some hassle and avoid the Cingular logo all over the phone. I previously had a Cingular-branded MPx 220 that I got unlocked and I didn't like seeing the unusable Cingular services hogging memory and the Cingular splash screen on start-up. Small thing I know, but still annoying.

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