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    Used to be that when I pressed the green call button twice I would get a call log showing all a incoming outgoing call list. Now that is no longer the case. Any ideas about how to restore this function?
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    First try a soft reset. If that fails to restore this function then you need to go nuclear. Back up your data with a hotsync and do a hard reset. Then sync to get all your data back.
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    Thanks. Soft reset had no effect. Hard reset is going to delete everything, correct?
    All installed applications, documents, everything.
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    yes, a hard reset takes the Treo back to factory settings. But if you have a BU program loaded, you'll be back to normal in just a couple of minutes.
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    Can you reccommend a good Backup Program?
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    Resco Backup. Backs up effectively, and restores effectively (except for pictures in media).
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    Search for btnfix.prc or search for call log and you'll find a prc that will fix the prob (installed Takephone or Datebk5 right?)
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    button fix fixed the problem. thanks.

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