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    the mic on my Altec Lansing inMotion iMT1 does not work. When i go on the cradle no one can hear anything. I dont know if its a problem with treo or iMT1. I used to have volume care installed. I dont know if that caused a software issue. anyone know a fix?
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    i did a hard reset and still isn't working, so its not a problem with any software
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    emailed altec langsing twice and they just ignored me. bad customer service
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    Has the mic worked before?
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    yes it worked for a while.
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    I now have a 700p and still have the same issue so its not a treo hardware problem
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    I have contacted Altec Lansing before re: the 700w and they have told me that they won't be compatible until this summer because of firmware issues. They were unable to provide information beyond that and I don't know if its relevant if you have a 700p.
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    The manual on the site lists the 700p as compatible.
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    I just bought one and on one of the reviews I read it says that you need to setup the speakers in phone mode before using it with the speakerphone or the mic won't work.

    A somewhat annoying quirk of the iMT1 is that you have to remember to set it to phone mode before placing a call, otherwise the caller won't be able to hear your voice due to the muted mic (it's easy to forget to so do).

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