I have been looking over a year for a case for my Treo 650 that has everything I want/need, and I'm still looking.

What I am looking for:
1. A VERY low profile clip (I like to be able to wear it directly on my waistband, often on scrubs).
2. A pocket that will hold my driver's licence and a credit card since I hate to carry a wallet & or purse.

I currently have the MOBO wallet case (http://store.treocentral.com/content...-80--315-2.htm) and it sort of fits what I am looking for. The clip works well, but the metal edge is rough and uncomfortable when it is against my skin when I wear it on my waistband. The wallet part is also bulkier than I would like, and the velcro doesn't hold well so the wallet frequently flips open on my belt. It is wearing out and I'm ready for something better.

I tried the Sena flip case first and although the case was lovely, the clip was way too bulky.

I have thought about the Nutshell, but it doesn't look like the optional pocket would be big enough for me. Would it?

Someone mentioned that the new metal clips on the Vaja cases are low profile, but they still look pretty bulky in the pictures. I'm also worried that the metal will be uncomfortable against my skin and I'd hate to spend $100 on a case that I can't use the way I want. Any thoughts?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!