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    Is this a good deal?
    Is there anything else I need? (Besides a SD card).
    Does anyone else have this one and what is their opinion of it?
    Thanks for any help.
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    On face value, price looks pretty good. However, I'm not familiar with "new generation v3.7 Nemerix chipset" in the receiver. SiRF III is the current standard. Might check over on GPS Passion for any info on it. A new update to Tomtom will be coming out shortly so it's likely prices are coming down. As far as Tomtom itself, most people like it but it does have it's problems. Best way to get a flavor for it is to search on Tomtom here and read a few posts. There are a lot....
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    I don't know what the free Arkon vent mount is for (the receiver ?) but the drop down says that to add a mount for the 650 will cost ya anotehr $40 bringing it to $220. Are these "powered" mounts ? ... I mean will it charge your receiver / Treo.

    I have found vent mounts pretty useless if you have a vent that is adjustable....weight of Treo rotates it down so then you gotta buy a windshield or pedastal mount. By that time you are right up tot he cost of the Seidio G2350S which will give you the ability to use the BT headset for calls while the Treo is still in the GPS cradle. WIth the BT GPS, you have to disconnect / reconnect to BT.

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