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This is the impression I got from the Palm rep I spoke to during the Rogers Manufacturer Road Show recently where there was reference to there not being much interest in the Treo 700P. Though there has been interest in seeing what the Treo codenamed "Hollywood" will provide. Especially with a good possibility of offering 3G, increased memory, higher resolution camera, internal antenna and maybe ALP instead of Windows Mobile. Anyway from the road show I took it that there will be no Treo 700P at least for Rogers customers due to customers see little improvement over the Treo 650. Canadians are not cheap but we do like more bang for our buck, so to speak. Some things that consumers have been asking for which Palm seems to ignore are things like Bluetooth Voice Activated Dialing which can be found in competitor devices with out the need to purchase additional third party software. Even what's included in the box is not impressive when put in comparison to companies like Sony Ericsson and Motorola which include stereo headphones, unlike Palm that likes to include the single earpiece wired headset. It's almost like Palm knew there would be problems with the audio jack not providing stereo 100% of the time instead of mono sound most of the time so they put a mono headset in the box. Hey I know it's a far fetched thought but just venting Anyway point is we pay more than most consumers for our Treo over customers purchasing other smartphones. So the least Palm can do is not be so cheap on what they provide not only with included software/features but also hardware in the box.

When you talked to this Palm rep did you mention any of these concerns?