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    I have an IMMENSE call log, which I am happy about. However, when I tried to load it today (simple Menu-Y), it crashed my Treo 600!! I tried a few times, and always the same result. I've no idea why. I restored the older version, and although it's not up to date, it does work. I'm worried the crash may happen again after I rack up more phone calls and get the call log to the size of newer, corrupt file. Any suggestions why this is hapenning? I used a PDB viewer, and saw some of the recent entries in the corrupt PDB file are not in order (ones marked later in sequence are listed before earlier sequenced calls). Could this be the problem, or is the sheer size maybe doing this? BTW, I have like 4 years of logs (I know, I know).

    Thanks very much!!
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    You might want to export your call log to a safe place using various 3rd party apps like Treocalllogtool, comet, calllog+ etc, and then purge your log. Hopefully, it won't get corrupted again, but you never know. Besides you can easily view it via DTG etc ifyou convert it to a excel file etc...
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