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    I recently got the tomtom 5 and globalsat bt-338 combo from and so far i have been extremely happy with it. My only concern is if my gps is off for a while when i turn it back on it takes anywhere from 45 seconds to two minutes for the GPS to lock on. If i then shut it off when it locks and turn it back on it re-locks within a few seconds. Is this initial gps lock supposed to take that long? I just want to see if this is normal so i know if i have to swap it out or not. Also, is there any specific order of how i should power it up? Do i have to turn the receiver on first and then open tomtom, vice versa, or does it not matter? Thanks for the help.
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    I think that is normal -- mine does the same thing.

    You should turn on the 338 first, let it get a lock on the satellites, then open TT.
  3. #3 takes time. It takes much less time to lock if you're stationary though.

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