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    I've got a question. Before anyone jumps me, I DID search and found no answers.

    Here goes.......

    I've got 2 different BT headsets paired with my Treo 650. I use a plantronics 510 for everyday calls. I just bought a Philips BT Stereo headset and have it configured with SAG and it works great for music.

    How can I switch between devices? I only want to use my BT Stereo headset while working out or riding my bike. I want my Plantronics to work the rest of the time. Is there an easier way than deleting the device every time?
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    baby arm

    I use two different headsets and the Treo switches without a problem. I don't use SAG yet so not sure if it affects the switchability. Please do the following:

    Delete your Bluetooth Device Cache (Apps Launcher > Menu > Delete)
    Enable Device Name Cache (Bluetooth > Menu > Enable/Disable toggle)

    Then re-pair your headsets. I was having problems and found this advice somewhere and it completely changed the reliability of the bluetooth process for me. The Treo 'finds' whichever device is ON.
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    Thanks looks like mine is working. I really didn't do anything other than delete the device (both of them) and repair them. Now it seems to work. Thanks for the assistance.

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