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    Looks pretty cool....released yesterday....gonna try it out this weekend ...may be worth the $10

    "Email It! Overview:

    * Email Memos, Tasks, Appointments, and Contacts
    * Tasks emailed include Task Title, Due Date, and Description.
    * Appointments emailed include Appt. Title, Date, Starting Time, and Description.
    * Contact emailed include Name, Company, Work and Cell Phones, and Notes.
    * Easy setup. Just enter where you want your emails to be sent to."
    The way it appears to work is you make when of the following via the e-mail it app:


    it puts this stuff in yoor calendar, memopad, contacts. Todo on the palm and then e-mails that to whomever you think needs to know.

    So if I make an appointment while out on a jobsite, I can enter in the Treo and avoid the retyping as it gets automatically sent to my office. Got a new date for that rained out little league game, when I enter it in the Treo...boom it e-mailed to my players. Got a new address for a client who moved...boom it's in my treo and at the same time sent to my design team.

    Wellt hat's what get from the marketing schpeil....let ya know how it works by Monday.
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    Okay, I tried it and have to say it works real nice...well worth $10.

    However it appears to need a e-mail gateway service that "included and provided by Smile Internet Networks".....however I can find nothing on the SIN site that mentions E-mail It. It also seems like it is going to send it to one specific address ... in other words, what's the point of sending me a memo that I wrote to myself. Next time I sync I gonna have that on my desktop anyway.

    Now if this was a plug in for Palm, where it would launch Versamail or your default e-mail app, I am hooked. I have someone in mind worth mentioning this to ....ohhh Simon

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