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    My Treo 600 crashes and reboots when I try to delete any of several copies that I have received of a suspicious-looking email. The email's "from" field reads: <No To>.

    Worse, the Treo now also crashes whenever I try to receive or send email, and I suspect these same emails may be causing this problem too (unless it is caused by T-Mobile no longer accepting my grandfathered T-zones, which I had used to send and receive email).

    I have downloaded FileZ so that I might remove these suspect emails, and I have read the accompanying manual, but I can't tell what to do next. Am I supposed to use FileZ to delete an email DB file? FileZ doesn't show one - though it does show an EMailDomainDB (which isn't green like AddressDB, MemoDB or DatebookDB).
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    You are probably better off setting the email application not to run at boot time (such as ChatterEmail), exiting the email program, performing a soft reset and then deleting using your file management program, look for those files that have the same creator ID and deleting the support/data files. The creator ID may not be the same...after the files are deleted, then restart the program.

    If that does not work, then delete the program from the phone using the Delete option and go from there.

    If you are using an email program that supports the SD card and utilizes it to store its database files, then often times deleting those files and restarting the email program takes care of the problem. If it is a POP program, you will loose those emails. If that is a concern, then forward them to youself without having the email program check for new mail.

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    Thanks, BClinger. The email program I'm using is the basic one that came with the Treo. It doesn't use the SD card. I've deleted all emails except these few that won't delete and that restart the Treo when I try to delete them. At present I'm dead in the water on email. I hope that I can use FileZ to delete these emails - and that this will enable me to resume receiving and sending.
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    The file you need to delete is Multimail Messages
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    Thanks, sxtg.

    Multimail Messages isn't among the files that FileZ lists in my 600.

    It lists several green DATA-type files: ToDoDB, SMS Messages, HSAdvCalcDB, MemoDB, Web UserData, NetworkDB, ConnectionMgr50DB, AddressDB, DefaultHelperDB, DatebookDB, Datebk3HDB and CityTimeDB.

    Under email, its lists just these five files, and all show up black: EMail_HsDm_appl_a68k, Email_libr_HsMp_BD42B132, Email_libr_HsMp_CO33CD86, EmailAddressDB and EmailDomainDB.

    Of the last two files, EmailAddressDB shows up as an MlAd-type file, whereas EMailDomainDB shows up as an Mldd-type file.
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    bummer the 600 has a different version and I don't remember what the file would be. I don't remember reallly looking at the files much when I had the 600.

    Have you tried a hammer?
    That usually works for insertion

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