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    I know... even TreoCentral created a 700p forum and CNET has it as it is true. Then if you don't believe them call this number: 800-213-5431 and ask them when will a new Treo come out. I called an I was told that the Treo 700 "Palm OS" will be available for sell on June 1st. That's all they know though. Call them if you don't believe me or anybody.

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    I thought it was coming out on May 15th.
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    Just called, the rep said you will be able to buy the 700p in stores or through sales on June 1. He also said Sprint expects this phone to be a "hot" item so if you can't get it in a store call Sprint sales and they will get it for you. They must be getting bombarded now,lol.
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    Yup YUP, but I was also told end of June. She didn't sound to confident with her answer.
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