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    Hello all, First post here because I never had a Treo and didnt know anything about it until a week ago. I found a Treo 650 outside of my work. After leaving it with the main desk for a couple of days, no one claimed it. I called and tried to get in touch with someone through the numbers listed on the phone however no one seems to care or respond. Seems like a weird deal however I have this beautiful treo 650 now and It is Cingular (the same as my old phone). I really knew nothing of it, so I put my sim card in it and saw that it basically works as my phone. this is just strange because some one lost this thing and doesnt care?!?! you have to be kidding me! can I just use it with my sim card? it works, but is this ok to do? I tried to get it to the unresponsible person. Thanks for reading and any input would be appreciated.
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    Hey that's mine! Does it have an attenna on it? 320x screen? Alpha numeric keyboard? It's definitely the one I dropped outside your work.

    Just kidding.

    I think you did your job, it's their screw-up. Enjoy your phone. Hopefully they have some sort of insurance amd they have a new one anyway. I think it's a new type of Cingular marketing, personally...
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    thanks for the reply. Well. I guess I will just use it. Didnt want to go against the law or something of that sort.
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    Be careful if you do not have a data plan. Accessing email or internet on it could cost you a bundle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merocks
    this is just strange because some one lost this thing and doesnt care?!?!
    Quote Originally Posted by merocks
    tried to get it to the unresponsible person.
    Quote Originally Posted by merocks
    Thanks for reading and any input would be appreciated.
    while you enjoy your good fortune, my suggestion is to just postpone any
    judgements on the hapless person who lost the Treo in the first place. There
    must be some reason why he/she is not responding.

    My sympathies are with the ex-Treo owner who lost it!
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    Where is your work? I lost mine at the Sp. Times Forum. Take the phone to Cingular and repot it. If no one claims it should be able to use it. But, if the person reports it stole, they will lock out the phone the network. I know you will do the right thing.
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    If the owner flipped through the preference options, he could have updated the owner portion under preferences. Look for the Prefs icon and click it > under Personal > Owner, see if there is an entry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    Where is your work? I lost mine at the Sp. Times Forum. Take the phone to Cingular and repot it. If no one claims it should be able to use it. But, if the person reports it stole, they will lock out the phone the network. I know you will do the right thing.
    While I agree with you that it's ethically responsible to hand the phone to the police or attempt to contact the customer through the carrier I believe you may need some clarification on what carriers can and cannot do. Carriers don't have access to lock the device (ie: Treo). What they do is put block codes on an account so the switch (ie: Cellular Towers) doesn't allow the user to access the network which could incur the customer high charges (airtime, data and sms) on their account. This method blocks the SIM for GSM carriers (ie: Cingular, T-Mobile, Rogers, etc) or for CDMA (Telus, Bell, Verizon, etc) and for those few still using TDMA the carrier blocks access to the network by adding what's known as a dummy ESN (Electronic Serial Number). So just like it's recommended in most manufacturers manuals it's up to the customer to create their own PIN (Personal Identification Number) also known as a password to lock the device whether when the LCD powers off, the device is power cycled or remotely with third party security software. The good news is that unlike older CDMA/TDMA technology where cloning of the ESN is technically possible it is not with GSM devices which use the SIM card. A SIM card when taken offline by the carrier cannot be activated as it's checked against the SIM registry. So if blocked when reported lost the thief or the person finding the device can't go into a store to activate the SIM that's found in the device. This also includes trying to add an active SIM number to a second account because the SIM number can't be used for two different cellular numbers at the same time. Though if the PIN lock for the device was never set to begin with then this doesn't stop the person from buying a SIM and activating it on a new account or just tossing in their own active SIM card.

    I use two basic methods with my Treo 650 (GSM) and that is SIM lock code as well PIN lock for the device. Well there's a third and that's theft/damage insurance Anyway, if the SIM card is removed and another one put in it's place then the device PIN will still be needed to access the device. If my SIM is put in any other GSM device a request to enter the SIM lock code is prompted. Multiple attempts at entering the incorrect code destroys the SIM card thus protecting the customer, in this case me from further heartache. Unfortunately most consumers using cellular devices fail to follow the recommendation of either the manufacturer or customer support who advise them to create a PIN lock code for their device. In the end while it's unfortunate to lose a costly device it's really the customers fault for the loss for not taking better measures to protect their property. Whether it's failure to use security measures provided by the manufacturer or simply contacting their carrier immediately to report the loss.

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    If there's nothing in the Owner pref, look for a "Business Card". Call up the Contacts app, highlight the first entry and press the center button to open up the details. Look for a business card icon next to the word "Contacts" at the top of the screen. Use the down arrow to scroll to the next entry, etc. until you find the icon.
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    With the old SIM in it, call 611 and talk to customer service. They'll see what the phone number is and can identify the owner from their records. That is, if you still want to find the owner. The identity is in the SIM.
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    Take it to a cingular store. Have them look up the ESN
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    2nd the ESN. I just got my replacement Sprint treo from palm and I can't even get it activated because the ESN is registered to a totally different customer so obviously they have his/her information. There's a good chance this person cares that it's missing so I would make the extra effort. You could even call cingular with the phone number. The owner may not have thought of the area in which you found it or possibly the front desk was looking in the wrong spot if he did come back to look. Has happened to me enough times.
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    Maybe not a free phone but you might just get a reward.....

    Do the right thing.
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    Well, CDMA (Sprint) phones work differently from GSM (Cingular) in that the phone IMEI (similar to ESN) does not directly identify the account - the account info is in the SIM.
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    Ah. Since there's a way to see what number belongs to the phone, is that a way (in case the sim card wasn't in it)?
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    If the original SIM was in it, which I imagine it was, then this would be a clear way to identify the owner, as I suggested earlier. In the off chance the SIM was not there, then things get a lot more difficult - Cingular would not need to have recorded the IMEI, though they do have it for phones they sold directly. Whether they can look up an owner by IMEI is another question entirely.
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    If the SIM is in it, just call your home number and look at the caller ID. That is the number of the SIM in the phone. However, it would not tell you who's number that is. If it had a Cingular SIM in it, take it to Cingular and they can help you out.
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    If the owner realized that he had lost the phone, usually he would go to the carrier and get a replacement SIM card, at the same time, the old SIM card will be cancelled and you won't be able to use it to make calls.
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    I don't think merocks is reading the thread anymore....I don't think he wants to hear that he should make more of an effort to return the phone or learn of methods of locating the owner.
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    Doesn't matter then once it is reported lost/stolen cingular will lock it on their networks and it won't work with them.
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