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    Doesn't matter then once it is reported lost/stolen cingular will lock it on their networks and it won't work with them.
    US GSM carriers, unlike carriers in the UK and elsewhere, do not blacklist IMEIs. If you report a lost/stolen phone to Cingular (or T-Mobile) they will deactivate the SIM but not the phone, and the phone will be usable by anyone that finds it. That said, both Cingular and T-Mobile can determine any and all equipment that's been used by a given SIM, but won't act upon that data in the absence of a subpoena.

    With CDMA carriers, CDMA carriers will almost invariably only activate equipment sold for their network (you can't activate a Verizon Treo on Sprint or vice-versa, for instance); between that and the fact that US CDMA carriers don't have SIM/R-UIM cards and activate equipment by ESN, a CDMA phone that is reported lost or stolen is pretty much a paperweight.

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    When my wifes phone was stolen (Cingular GSM) they told us they were deactivating the SIM and would block the phone. I asked them if we found the stolen purse with the phone inside, could we get it working again? And their reply was we would have to bring it to their main service center to get the block removed on it before it would work on the network again.

    Perhaps they don't blacklist it outside of the Cingular network, but from what they told me at that time (11/04) they appear to blacklist inside.
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