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    OK so this is a wacky idea, but I'm wondering if somebody knows if this would work technically.

    Sprint is much cheaper than Cingular for the all-you-can-eat data plan and they come out with the CDMA phones several months before the GSM ones. However, I can't use Sprint overseas.

    Would it be possible to create an SD card that:
    1. Could take a SIM card.
    2. Had an antenna that would broadcast and receive at the right frequency for GSM

    Then you could write a little hack that would intercept the dialing and audio/mike for the Treo Phone app and send it to the card.

    Wacky idea, I know, and there are all kinds of little things that might make it not work (SD card couldn't draw enough power to send/receive, etc.). But I don't know enough to figure out whether it's possible or not. Any ideas?

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    In a word, no.

    All of the software involved, I can't even imagine. Drivers on top of drivers, then hardware modifications and drivers for that. You might as well make the modifications and rewrite the entire OS :P. You'd have to design and produce a custom SD card, write drivers so that SD card can recognize and traffic information through whatever ungodly interface SIM cards use, write drivers for the device itself so it knows how to interpret data translated by the SD card which is then sent through SDIO slot, then you would have to write a hack that would allow you to switch between two antennas, one of which you would have to install yourself and write drivers for. I'm not sure the term "driver" is an adequate description in some places, but that's basically what it looks like from a software standpoint. I try not to involve myself in hardware But even if you do accomplish all of that, I'm concerned about the crazy latency you would get. LOL, imagine your TCP packets timing out before they even left your device! Just my .02, maybe some crazy hardware guy will say something different!

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    I really wish CDMA had SIM cards. I really don't know the fundamental differences between GSM and CDMA (except Sprint/Verizion use CDMA and T-Mobile/Cingular use GSM).

    I had T-Mobile as my first cell phone provider before Sprint and it was much more convenient to have a SIM Card. When I was in Austria and Germany I just bought a pre-paid SIM card and could use my phone over there. (This was back in 2003). There was T-Mobile stores everywhere because I guess it's partly owned by the German or Austrian telekom.

    Anyway, long story short, I love SIM cards! Beats having to call to get your new phone working. Then again, if you love your phone it kind of sucks because someone else can just switch out the SIM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeitgeist
    I really wish CDMA had SIM cards.
    Some CDMA phones do have SIM cards (called T-SIM where I live)...

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