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    Okay I've seen SEVERAL posts about how to do this but none of them have been incredibly helpful, or produced the desired results...

    I have a new MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo processor running OSX 10.4.6 and a Treo 650 running 1.20-ENA with Hardware: A .. (Unlocked GSM) on the Cingular network.

    I can get the Treo and the Mac talking bluetooth just fine to xfer files and such, but I can't seem to get DUN to work! I think all I am missing is the modem script?? I'm not a mac guy, but I am a tech guy, just don't quite get the mac requirements to connect

    Thanks in advance!
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    Viper0775, I recently recovered from a hard drive crash so i had to wade thru the posts to refigure this out. I was able to get my Powerbook G4 (OSX 10.4.4) connected and online with my new Treo 650 (GSM/Cingular) by using the generic 3G script and the following settings. Below is information I documented, it can also be found in various threads.

    1. Download and Install Scripts
    Generic 3G Scripts

    Place Modem Script into (off the Hard drive not User Folder)
    /Library/Modem Scripts/

    Note: I did not need Shadowmites DUN hack ( Dial-up Network Shows

    Note: I had to pair the Treo 650 with the Modem Scripts in place a couple times before it said there were additional services available when doing so.

    2. System Preferences on the Mac
    In Network Settings set up the Bluetooth PPP options with the settings below:
    Password: CINGULAR1
    Phone Number: NONE (that's right, zero, zilch, nothing)

    3. Connect using Internet Connect and Bluetooth

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