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    Hi there,
    finally found a forum that gives some GL info - very usefull so far.

    Having gotten the treo650 with GL I wonder whether I can still use versamail to access my Gmail account. so far I did not succeed and also could find nothing in Google whether its me overlooking something or whether its GL prohibiting the access ?
    (would be so convenient to access this via the mail application as its not so easy to do this via blazer..)

    A related question - as my IT guys didn't provide me with the cable for hotsync I was not able to transfer doctogo which comes with the Treo to it via the hotsync. Simply copying the respective files on my SD card did only work once and I was not able to do this again. (opended a rather large ppt I got as an attachment that caused it crash - since then starting the doc to go I see it starting but ending up at the settings...).
    Any clues on this.

    (a newbie)

    What ha
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    Welcome. I use Versamail to check Gmail. Set up a new Versamail account and choose other and POP. Enable POP on gmail ( then set up the account using the settings here

    As for Dcos2Go, ask your IT guys to push it out to you
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    tx goodguy G-mail is now working.

    re Docs2Go - would that mean that when they push it to me this would become the standard viewer for GL or would that rather mean that I have to download the attachments to my SD and then would have to start/ view it ?

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    And in addition

    as I meanwhile got hold of the hotsynch and have it on my laptop - what would happen if I install Doc2Go via IR instead ? (provided that I can make it work)
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    If they push it (or you install it) it will become the default viewer for GL

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