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    I know, I did something incrediably stupid, but well here I am...

    I have had my sprint treo 650, for quite some time. I am on hard-reset and reload version beyond I can count. Long story short, I was at school and I pressed the "turn on security lock and turn off" button inside of the security panel, without setting a password. I had just assumed it was the password I use before... I had actually been using the teallock demo before, but I removed it when it expired. So I locked it, threw it into my bag and went home. When I got back, I turned it on and typed in all of my usual passwords and no go. The security setting is still set to "never" for automatically turning on, so I pushed the reset pin and it still shows up.

    Is there anything I can do? Is there some kind of "default" password that I'm missing? Is there a way to go into a debug mode, and dump all the memory? To be honest, all I want is my calendar and I'm fine if I have to reload the whole thing after. Of course, I haven't synced it to my computer in a while (and I normally did via bluetooth) so I really want to get my info back....

    Man, how could I have been so stupid... :-(
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    You can do a hard reset and that'll clear it up - and anything on there since your last sync. Ben
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    Maybe sleeping on it will help you recall the password. Similar password problem happened to me. None of the usual pwords worked and I needed the data. Let it go, went to bed, and it came back to me while walking the dog the next a.m. I'd used some bassackwards version of a pword cause this doc was "extra special". Hah!

    Other than giving yourself some time, a hard reset is the only other thing.
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    I know a hard reset will do it, but I want to keep my data if I can. I'm 80% sure now that its set to the defualt. Anyone know what the password could be?
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    There is no default. You set the password on first use.

    For obvious reasons, this shouldn't be easy to get around, but....there's always a way. HINT: google
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    Yeah. I searched on google for a couple of hours, and wasn't able to find anything, which was why I went onto this forum.

    The good news is, I finnaly remembered the password! You were right, I had it set to a funky old password to make it "extra" secure. I was *this* close to resetting it too. I'm going to go and make TWO backups right now! Thanks All for the words of encouragement.

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