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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    Program - 650 Version / 700p version

    Address Book - 4.5.1 / 6.0
    Blazer - 1.0 / 3.0
    Date Book - 4.5.1 / 6.0
    Hotsync - 5.4.0 / 5.4.8
    MemoPad - 4.5.1 / 5.2 H
    ToDo - 4.5.1 / 5.2 H
    VersaSnail - 3.1C / 4112
    Touchscreen - 4.7.3P / 4.7.4P
    Wooo Hoooo, cant wait for the new Memo Pad. Cant imagine what wonderful new things a 0.6.9 update can bring to this app.
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    Glad to make your day Felipe
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    I think Japorms and Scott R make good contributions to this thread (perhaps the only contributions that aren't some form of sarcasm).

    I also have a 600. I felt the 650 offered significant improvements but not "$600 significant" and I think the 700P is going to be the same situtation.

    Look, the 300 to 600 upgrade cost as much as a 600 to 650 and will cost as much as a 600 to 700 upgrade but none of those will offer anything near as revolutionary as the 600 was to the 300. To clarify, when I say upgrade I am actually referring to buying a 600, 650, or 700 new with a two year contract subsidy from Sprint or similar provider.

    Ever since the 600, there have been no innovative improvements. Each new treo has had incremental upgrades. Sure bluetooth is very nice but I get by quite fine without a wireless headset. And sure, EV-DO is a nice speed boost, but limited internal memory and the mere size of the screen mean webpages will still render like ****.

    I have lost faith in Palm to exist as an innovator. They are coasting on the gains of the Treo 600.

    I believe there are great things yet to happen in the smartphone field. Perhaps screens that can spring out to increase display size, I don't know. But, the changes between Treo models is pathetic. These changes are no where near the pace of other technologies.

    With increasing rumors about an Apple smartphone, I really think saving my $600 for the unconfirmed, distant possibility of this smartphone is better than spending on the mediocre 700.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CmdrGuard
    I have lost faith in Palm to exist as an innovator. They are coasting on the gains of the Treo 600.
    I hear that. Other phones are making moves and the Treo doesn't have it's "holy cow! what the heck is that!? what all can that do!?" effect as it once did. I liked that, I had something other phones didnt have. Now lots of phones have bluetooth, mp3 players built in, 2+ mp cameras, etc. I liked having people in awe over my phone, but now it's just like the rest, just bulkier.

    Treo, start making moves... Put off the minimal incriments and go for the gold in the next one. I'm sure most of us will not be upset if we dont get anything new for quite a while, so long as it's a huge advancement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R
    Just this one time. Don't get used to it.

    Gaurav, nice to see you back. Where you been hidin' out? It's pretty sad for me to be spendin' more time here than you. Especially since there are other sites I should be spending more of my time. Ahem.

    I had gone travelling for awhile, so I was mia. But I think I also got forum burnout if you know what I mean. Besides, most of the discussion here had gotten kinda stall imo. Hopefully the 700p will re-energise things though...
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    I say we just get **** Cheney to shoot him.
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    What will the 750P do that 700 won't?
    Just call me Berd.
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