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    When I receive e-mail on my treo 650 it is being deleted before I can read it. I get notification that I have an e-mail, but when I go to look at it, it disappears. Does anyone know what is going on with this. Any help would be appreciated
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    Do you have rules set up in Outlook to move emails to folders?
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    Not that I know of. Where should I look to check
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    I looked in Outlook and I do not have any rules set up. I receive the e-mails, but as soon as I receive them, they are gone. It does not make sense.
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    Maybe your email is being moved to a personal folder (pst file). So after it hits your Exchange server your Outlook Client on your computer is moving the email to your pst file. You can tell by going to Tools - Email Accounts from your Outlook client and seeing what is selected for "Deliver new e-mail to the following location:" It should be your Mailbox. All of this of course assumes you are using Outlook in an Exchange environment.
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    Check with your Exchange/GoodLink administrator. Some organizations have emails automatically moved to .PST files in order to conserve space on Exchange. In Outlook, are your emails in your Inbox or are they moved to another folder?
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    All of my e-mails are coming to my Inbox on my desktop, and everything was working fine until I performed a Hotsync and then everything changed. I do receive e-mail on my 650 and it alerts me that I have e-mail, but as soon as it notifies me that I have received an e-mail, it disappears before I can view it.
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    The only time I have seen this when there are rules moving emails to folders or if emails are being moved to a .PST file. Did you check with your Exchange Admin and see if they are moving emails to a.PST file? Are there others in your organiztion using GoodLink?
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    onthemove - Easiest way to see if mail is delivered to PST is in above steps but you can also see if you can see your Inbox from another PC, Outlook Web Access (if IT has enabled OWA at your site).

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