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    I use BackupBuddy to restore my Treo after a hard reset. Recently, it has save my **** several times with Treo crashing all the time (more on the crashes in my next post). Generally, I just hot sync the Treo and it returns to last state. After the last hard reset, I began wondering if it was possible to restore the Treo from the SD card after a hard reset. I am leaving on a business trip and need a method to retore from the SD card; not hot sync or installing additional applications. Does anybody know if you could restore the Treo from a backup on the SD card? My main question relates to accessing the SD card with the standard Palm applications; not using Filez or some third party file manager. Then I could activate backup buddy on SD card and reinstall my files (or copy Filez to RAM).
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    You can use the Palm based version of BackupBuddy to restore from the SD card. What I do is sync with BackupBuddy and that includes the card with a few exceptions I have added. I have BackupManager on the SD card (I also have BackupBuddy for the card, but like BackupManager better. Anyway, at about 9:45P each evening, BackupManager runs automagically. In addition, before adding any updates or new programs, I also backup the system, so if something bad happens (and it does once in a while), I can restore without a lot of inconvenience.

    The one bad thing in this whole routine though is the occasional loss of preferences. A hard reset does not always restore those preferences. Preference Doctor is the fix I am using for that, though one time it failed miserably. The 650 is a flakey kind of guy.
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    There's several versions of BackUpBuddy

    One version backs up Treo to desktop doing more than HotSync does (BackUpBuddy)
    One version backs up Treo to SD Card (BackUpBuddyVFS)
    One version backs uo Treo to Internet (Beta)

    Now version is probably the wrong word to have used cause there are regular and Pro versiosn within thoise classifications. There are also "bundles"" which include BuB and BUBVFS.

    In any case buy BackUpBuddy VFS if ya wanna stay in the family or get the free app that ya will find here.
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    Installed NVBackup 1.09

    Seems to work very well - Full backup to SD card of phone & applcations took a couple of minutes. Produced a 6.55Mb backup on the card.

    No way to automate backup times or transfer automatically to PC, but easy enough to copy over or even burn to CD etc.

    It does however offer an update backup to do those files that have changed, and allows a selective reinstall (Not tried that option yet)


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