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    All other cellular phones I have had have had field test mode or engineering screens that indicated many things including signal strength, network, the cell site currently providing service, etc. It does not appear the Treo 650 displays this information. There are many posts in this and other forums asking how to access this information so that is not what I am asking here. I am curious, however, why nothing similar exists on the 650.

    I live in area with poor coverage and have virtually no usable service at my relatively large home neighborhood even though it is only 1.8 miles from a 100+ foot Orange/Blue site. I finally managed to find someone in Cingular that is receptive to my observations. I believe the problem is either related to the vertical orientation of the antenna elements effecting my area or no elements at all pointed in my direction. I think Cingular/AT&T tried to establish extended coverage into the Ocean for the large boating community here (Florida) at the expense of overshooting the nearby shore locations. I am trying to conduct a "do-it-yourself" meaningful field strength survey in my area so I can provide this person with hard data. I have Shadowmite's "SignalMeter" and can select the specific network but having a display similar to what used to be available on the Motorola and Nokia phones I had in the past would prove very useful.
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    Does the DEBUG screen provide what you are looking for?
    Sprint is ##DEBUG# aka ##33284#
    Verison is #*# 33284

    I read but have not tested #*33284 for Cingular
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried #*33284 <dial> but it just clears the entry and stays on the dial pad.
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    I just found a post that states 33284 (debug), is only accepted by CDMA phones. I find it incredible that the knowedge to access a debug or field engineering screen on the GSM/Cingular T-650's is simply not known.
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    I've been searching for an answer to this for over a year, with no luck.
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    Me too. I want to find out the tower number for the T-Mobile tower by my house. I want field test mode for my 650. HoFo no luck. Trying here.

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