No, that's not a typo.
A new emp for my site recieved a Treo700 (we forget to specfiy model so Verizon sent us the latest). No problem I thought, new is good sometimes. And it pushed me to do the 4.8 upgrade (which was smooth like butter, thank you GoodLink).
I did the VZW update, ActiveSync, and Good install went fine. However, it was narry a day before my user spoke of the WSOD, battery suckage, and generally horrible performance of his new Treo700. We troubleshot for a few hours and then called it quits. To Verizon's credit, a new 650 with 1.04a showed up in 2 days, and I just got him back up on Good lickty split.

I guess this is just a fyi/rant post. Felt like sharing.
Treo700 with WinMobile was horrible.
Treo650 with Palm 1.04 and GL4.8 rock solid and light years better.

Good day to all, and thanks again TreoCentral and GoodGuy for this forum. /bow /salute