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    Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the beta.

    I now believe that the app is pretty much complete. There might be some UI improvements but I would rather wait and see what people think once it has been used for a few weeks.

    I have added a weekly column where I will try to post real world examples of the use of the rules. If anyone would like to contribute a rules related story please email me at and I will add it into the app.

    You can download the latest application from

    New Features:

    -Auto update wirelessly or when you hot sync (you need Palm's Addit conduit for desktop updates
    -Rearranged the navigation to be easier to use
    -Completed the indexing and crosslinking of all the rules
    -Added the weekly feature story
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    I should also add that I have a windows mobile version that works on the Treo700w ready to go. It needs a little more work so email me at the above address if you are interested in testing and I will send.
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    i'm seeing more .prcs that start up installation routines, but I kinda wish they'd let me use off the SD card. if I use the Palm installation tool to place it on the SD card, will it install there? maybe that's another way of asking whether it will run from the card, and if so, how do i transfer it...
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    Golf Rules is a tiny application at less than 100k so running it from the card was not something I thought about. It won't work right now but I will check into this for you.

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