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    Quote Originally Posted by lovedatreo
    thats retarded, according to testing results sprint ALREADY has a larger EVDO footprint than verizon.
    Sprint "claims" to have more major metro areas than Verizon now....tho the list they giving to journalists where they can go test is smaller. Just 3 months ago, Verizon had authorized testing in 60 areas and Sprint 45....Cingular was back at 20 with HSDPA. I am trying to understand why if they claiming 180/150 major markets, why limit where journalist can go test to 30-40% of that claim ?

    All the carriers claims seem to be vastly overstated. My guess is, after many years of listening to marketingspeak...."we have EVDO in 180 areas" means "we have at least one EVDO tower in 180 areas".

    I haven't quite understood the significance of who has the most EVDO towers....if ya gonna be able to roam on each others towers at no additional cost what the heck difference does it make ?
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    From a Person who has been here since the Visor Central days and been through a couple of these.

    You will see the following thread titles over and over:

    1. Sprint Taking orders.
    2. I ordered Mine
    3. Called Sprint, they dont even know what the p is
    4. I got the tracking number.
    5. Stupid (overnight company) lost my treo
    6. Got it, love it
    7. Got it, hate it
    8. Where is my carrier going to carry it?
    9. Lets sue, it doesnt wash dishes.
    10. sending it back, waiting for the _____
    11. is it broken?
    12. post if you havent had any problems.
    13. get chattermail
    14. I heard from my cousins friends brother little league coach that the 900 is coming out this year.
    15. what is that star.

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